Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knitted Unterhosen / Leggings

Knitted Unterhosen, Version 1.0 2/22/2009 © Hilary Detmers 2009

These unterhosen are great knitted from sock wool. They keep you warm all winter and
go right in the washing machine. The footless design means you don’t have to launder as
often as footed tights would require.
This pattern is written for a flatbed standard gauge machine with no ribber. Model used
was a Brother KH800.

250-400 grams sock wool, depending on your size. Size 3X requires about 375 grams.
1 piece of ½” elastic long enough to fit your waist snugly but comfortably
Yarn needle
2 large safety pins
Sewing needle and thread

Measurements - Click to view full measurement chart

Take body measurements as listed above. For Rise, sit on a hard chair and measure from
chair to waist at the side. This garment will be made with 10% negative ease for a good
fit under slacks.

Work a test swatch to determine the gauge at which you will be working. On my Brother
KH800 I like Tension Dial 7 for the body of the garment. Wash the gauge swatch and
measure. Multiply your smaller set of measurements by the gauge to determine number of stitches/rows.

Make 2 identical pieces.

Tension Dial 5.1, or as needed
Cast on every other needle for “A” measurement. Work 1X1 Mock Rib for 4”. Pull
forward OOW needles and hang hem on the empty needles.
Tension Dial 7, or as neededKnit stockinette, increasing 1 stitch each side every 4th row until Thigh Width stitch count has been achieved. Knit straight until row count for Inseam has been reached.
BO 14 stitches at the beginning or each of the next 2 rows. Knit straight until the measurement “R” has been reached.
Tension Dial 5.1, or as needed
Transfer every other stitch to the adjacent needle. Work 1X1 Mock Rib for 4”. Pull forward OOW needles and hang hem on the empty needles. Bind off.

Make second leg identical to the first.

Use a yarn needle and the same yarn used to knit the garment to sew it together. Using Mattress Stitch, from right side, stitch each leg from the ankle to the crotch bindoff.
Turn one leg inside out. Leave the other leg right side out, and insert it into the inside-out
leg. The legs will now be right sides together. Line up the inseams and pin. Pin at each
waist ribbing.
Starting at one side, sew the outsides of the ribbing together. Then sew the insides of the
ribbing. It is important to sew this ribbing carefully so you have an open tube for the elastic to run through. Using whipstitch, sew the seam from the front waistband down to the pin at the crotch, and up the back side to the other waistband. Sew the outsides of the second ribbing together.

Attach a large safety pin to one end of the elastic. Slip this into the waist ribbing. Pin the
other end of the elastic to the garment. Slide the first pin thru the waist ribbing tunnel
until it comes out again at the back waist. Unpin the other end and sew the 2 ends of elastic to each other securely with the sewing thread and fine needle. Sew the inside ribbing closed.

OOW: Out of Work
BO: Bind Off

Knitted Unterhosen, Version 1.0 2/22/2009 © Hilary Detmers 2009


  1. wow!~ this has to be done :D thanks for sharing your pattern x

  2. thank you very much for writing this.

  3. I'm grateful for your excellent explanation. I have been wanting to machine knit some leggings. I would also like to try a looser stitch for summer to wear with a dress.

  4. This is awesome, thank you for sharing!